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[October 02nd, 2017]Hello:         Please note that due to a delay with our ballot printing, there will be a change in our processing and voting dates.   If you have not received your ballot by OCTOBER 11TH, please contact ABACUSDATA via Mr David Coletto: so that an alternate ballot/envelope can be...

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[October 01st, 2017]Pacific coast  - ENGLISH ONLY (September 21, 2017 18:00 – 20:00 PDT) Password:  apoc Meeting Number:  731908989 Toll-free no.: 1-855-453-6962 Conference ID: 9406678 location:  River Rock Casino Resort 8811, River Road,...

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[September 27th, 2017]2017 APOC NEGOTIATIONS TOUR : URGENT MESSAGE – THE YORK SESSION HELD ON SEPTEMBER 28, 2017 HAS CHANGED VENUE Please be advised the York session has changed location & will now be at: THE CORPORATE EVENT CENTER AT C.H.S.I., 5110 CREEKBANK ROAD, MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO  L4W 0A1 The time remains the same:  from 18:00 – 20:00 DST We apologize for...

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Work Benefits

Mary Traversy answer on Intrapost

November 28th 2008

If you use all your Personal days and then you are absent due to illness for 1 day, you will be on leave without pay. The banked sick leave cannot be used to cover these single occasion sick days. However, if you have a more serious illness that keeps you off for 7 days or more, you will be covered under Short Term Disability. If you have credits to cover the waiting period of 5 days for this longer absence then you will not lose any pay. The proposed program is designed to give you up to 7 days to cover illnesses or other personal issues that you can take one day at a time. The program also offers excellent coverage for longer-term illnesses. We want to ensure that people who need time off for sickness are well covered. The people who will be affected by this new program are those who are sick one day at a time after their 7 personal days are used. If there is an ongoing illness issue that was covered by STD and then causes you to be away one day at a time later, these would be considered a recurrence of an illness and will still be covered by STD.

If you have no Personal Days available and are absent due to an accident or hospitalization, you will be covered from day 1 by the Short Term Disability Program (minimum 70% income replacement with top-up to 100% if you have banked sick leave).

As for Manulife, they are simply the administrators of the program. Canada Post makes all payments and Manulife has no financial incentive to deny claims. They are there to assess the claims for Canada Post and provide the necessary support for you to get you back to work.

Mary Traversy
SVP, Operations